AdenoS 500 ml.



AdenoS – a brand new product!

After some years with R&D, we are now ready to launch: AdenoS.

TREATMENT: For young birds showing signs of adenovirus i.e. womiting and reluctance to train.
Use in water 5 ml/ liter in  5-6 days or until symtoms are absent.

PROPHYLACTIC (to avoid disease) Give AdenoS 5 ml / liter 3-4 successive days each week.
In racing season give  3-4 successive days after race.
Can be mixed with other Pigeon Vitality products !

The product is on stock already!

The introduction price is 29 euro
per flacon 500 ml.


Type of product Feed additive (liquid natural organic acids) for racing pigeons. Additives (guarantee per kg) Nutritional: 3,000 mg Vitamin B1(3a821) 5,000 mg Vitamin B2 (3a831) Tecnological: 100,000 mg Citric acid (E330)
Composition: Water Citric acid Sodium formate Formic acid Lactic acid Potassium sorbate
Application For young birds showing sign of adenovirus, i.e. vomiting and reluctance to train
Dosage 5 ml per litre of water in 5-6 days or until symptoms are absent